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Welcome to 4HairLoss.org Telehealth Clinic (https://4hairloss.org) Unfortunately, we currently cannot treat you if you are located in the following states: • Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Indiana & Nebraska However, please check out our website for other non-prescription treatments we can provide by going to our website 4HairLoss.org To start you can either make an appointment to consult with a doctor by clicking on Book Appointment or you can be a walk-in appointment and click on Enter Waiting Room. If you decide to Enter Waiting Room we will do our best to get your consult done as soon as possible by the next available doctor. Prior to your doctor consult you will be prompted to complete the health assessment and other required information. Please complete all questions on the health assessment. Trinova Health Pharmacy (Tampa, Florida) is our partner mail order Pharmacy. Your prescriptions will be mailed directly to you within 2-3 business days if the Doctor prescribes you one of our medications. Please be sure to select Trinova Health Pharmacy when asked to select your pharmacy of choice. For those that use Trinova Health Pharmacy the doctor consult is included in the cost of your treatment. Patients that wish to use another Pharmacy for prescriptions please choose the "Dr. Evaluation Only" visit option and note that you will be charged $65 for the doctor consult.